The CVJM (YMCA) is

the biggest Christian ecumenical young peopleÔ?Ös organisation in Germany - not tied to any denomination.

a meeting point for 260,000 young people belonging to 2,200 organisations in Germany alone.

a worldwide association, which consists of about 45 million members in more than 120 countries.

The CVJM Berlin has something to offer to nearly all age groups, though our emphasis lies with children, teenagers and young adults. Getting together with peers and friends is our focus. Singing, laughing, playing games and discussion about questions of faith and life are a central part of our regular meetings. On top of that we offer recreations, trips and sport.



Other hostels/ guest houses of the CVJM Berlin

┬? CVJM-Camp Storkower See (near Berlin)
┬? CVJM-Freizeithaus in D÷rflas (Bavaria)